Men should buy women accessories

12:01:00 AM
As cheesy as this may sound, I had a dream last night and it was about the sun. It was in the stage where it could burn our skin if we were in contact. The next thing I thought was, holycow! I'd better wax my car for protection.

As random as this may appear, there's always a plan to it. I've got my current fiber glass splitters from subang ss19 and boy those guys can't do a proper CSL splitters for nuts. The fitting was terrible and worst of all the right side is bigger than the left.

I had no choice as these litter buggers are just way too expensive. So before the imported version arrives, i gotta cover the ugly side of it... temporary.

Anyway i love the finishing of this particular splitters. The carbon fiber finishing pushes the car to the edge of being sporty yet maintaining its exclusivity. Or at least that's what I feel.

There you go, an accessory well spent and since this is a little pressie for myself I think its totally worth it.

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