Pink Party @ Sg. Long

11:58:00 PM
We were chilling at Jamie's other hall until the cake was brought out. Wanted to take a shot and trust me it wasn't easy. Guess you'll know why.

So this was the best birthday cake shot I could offer..

Then I back down a little bit as the younger generation storms the front. Luckily I am not as old as Lionel, he was practically giving lectures to the younger ones.

This is a lovely shot.

While everyone was taking pictures of the cake, I thought lets do something different this year.. Take butterfly.

Back to the cake, We had to sing a few different languages of birthday songs. Since we did it last year, so I think this has became a trend. Hopefully we can sing better in Korean next year... Or probably doing "Nobody, Nobody But You" at Aloha KL!

Jamie's Mom is utterly cool! She hangs out in clubs more than I do. I never knew Aloha had a pool table on the third floor! Heck I've never even been to the third floor.

Anyway thank you dear for inviting me over. Had a wonderful time at your cozy home.
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