Sunday Post - an expensive weekend

11:22:00 PM
How was your weekend? Mine was awesome as you know I couldn't attend #MynjayzDay because of a wedding shoot. Had to follow up and down the "heng daiz" and the worst thing is

It couldn't be anymore suckier than this, Getting ready with my gears only to find out the battery wasn't there. Called home and my sister said, "Oh that black rectangular thing that says Nikon? - with a blur voice as she was still sleeping". I was like OMG its at home!

Since the groom pick-up was at Segar Court, I quickly ran into Leisure Mall and buy a nikon battery.

Only to find the battery is not powered up enough to release my shutter. OMG LOR! Half of the morning was hilarious as I was looking for plugs to charge the battery. Interesting part is, I still manage to capture 191 images! Pheww!

The other half of the day was covered by a professional, thank god!
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