Movida - Kitchen, Bar, Club Lounge

9:25:00 PM
Last week we were invited by the all new Blup Blup network for a sneak preview of the new party outlet at Sunway Giza.

MOVIDA also mean "Party" in Cuban street slang, is a kitchen + bar + music room featuring the sounds of the world music.

We were given a tour up down and inside out. MOVIDA is defined by clean and minimalist lines that accentuate a contemporary ambiance mellowed with the warmth of traditional charm in space.

We then walked upstairs and it really looked good! It feels exclusive, the lighting ambiance was just perfect. A good place to chill!

Not to mention the interior is amazing! The decorations blend in really well with their concept.

Oh and I love the VIP room. It has enough privacy for a group of friends to indulge themselves with any sort of entertainment in mind. *clean or dirty* ha ha.

I took a shot with the celebrities. Ahh i feel so proud.

There's plenty more of fun coming back tomorrow. For the time being enjoy the ambiance of MOVIDA!
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