11:43:00 PM
Does this look familiar? Its a scene where smashp0p has a back of a chick.

I was invited by smashp0p to have a pleasant dinner at Cristang, PJ

The restaurant was easy to find, thanks to the road map I found online. Apparently they are famous with their pork burgers. The money that I pay for them, I rather eat in Chilli's.

Anyway before the rest of the people arrive *ahem don't wanna mention names but Evo, Salena, Yvonne & Leonard* We snap snap a bit first.

It was to the extend where the Iphone people were playing games!

And so smashp0p said : The next person that walks in to this restaurant, then we order. Well it was dinner time, how long would that take anyway.... We ordered.

Their burgers come with P's in front, where the higher the number the more expensive it gets.

Aww this is just sweet. Anyway myjayz drove directly from Penang, so he is kinda exhausted and of course carrying his 2.5kg nikon around.

Met a new friend, YinXie

A picture of all of us, Say it together "DAMN NICE"

P0p gave us all a Kido Daruma, Thanks p0p! Happy Birthday to you bro. Oh ermm, Mo kinda chewed the ball and torn it apart... humm...
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