Oval de Garden, Ipoh

9:10:00 PM
That's right! Beer! The new paparich was over congested and we have way too many outlets here, so me and my sister took a detour and found this place.

Beer seemed like an excellent option!

This is the first time i'm meeting Stella, nice meeting you! Apparently she lives in Ipoh and I had to direct her where this place is... *Sweat*

Blonde Chick with Cheong Sam, had to call her to come over and take a picture - cannot tahan.

Then this fella came, she was having a wonderful valentine's day until it got interrupted... Anyhow you guys had fun, so I wasn't to blame.

Isabelle Soo's bf Soo. I think shes dating her cousin, ha ha!

Let's have one more last one before we leave, Yummmmmmmmmmmm sengg!

Its time to head back to KL, a beautiful morning and a scoop of fresh air!
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