CNY at Chee Wei's

10:04:00 PM
We bergather-gather at Chee Wei's house for Chinese New Year for one reason, and one reason only...

To see Karena.... ermm not really la...

More likely to see Sandra scratch her head because she became the "zhongker"

When I first arrived, I saw Karena with Darren so I introduced myself and said I don't think i've seen you before... Karena said *ahem ahem you know lah, this my "friend"*

Ermm, hello friend.

I think Karena over camho-ed until i ter-repeat uploading her pictures in.

Benghan and Ruth who came all the way from the zoo... that area there lah.. tee hee.

Renee...ermm.. showing off.

Not forgetting Ah Su which i don't have a picture of her.. anyway thank you guys for the photo. Cheers!
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