Sunday Post : Countdown at Solaris Mont' Kiara

11:59:00 PM
Some great shots taken during the new year's eve event at Solaris Mont' Kiara

A birds eye view of the set up prior to the event

Thats Edwin Sumon and the very tall Transformers (it can shake shake its butt, cute!)

Some of the friends who supported our event and partied together as well.

Look who i bump into, Pei Man! It's been a very very long time since I've last seen her. Its great to meet up with you again.

Sherleen pop by mysteriously right after her event at The Curve. (cheeky fella)

Posing with our new uniform (It took us many months to design this uniquely high neck collar tee)

And there we go, a great event celebrated by all!

Event organised by Cruz Events & Communications Sdn Bhd and together with Sunrise Berhad
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