Revive Rev-Up moment

4:12:00 PM

My Revive Rev-Up moment was already invented back in 2006. Setting up was hilarious, we had to jump at least 15 times until we got it right and not forgetting being an entertainer to the audience as many watched while we were doing this...

Anyway i've submitted this photo to Rev-Up for Revive -- vote vote!

Revive Rev-Up moment is an ordinary daily activities performed in a extraordinary way.

One cool thing if you've got a video that relates to revive rev-up, send that in as the chances of winning is a whole lot more, tee hee!

Some snippets of what you will see when you log on to

Do check out some of the samples they provide, i think the one with the man jumping on the hill are awesome!

The weekly prizes is at RM1,000 (a great fund to upgrade my dslr eh?)
and the Grand Prize is at RM 5,000 (that will probably buy me a new dslr :P)

Oh let me know if you have submitted your image/video too, I want to see! Anyway don't submit your photos through the fan/video upload, use the Revive Rev-Up application

Good Luck!
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