Friday, July 31, 2009

Suzuki Swift 1.6, Pasta Zanmai

A new family member has arrived and we have officialy ran out of parking space
The car is steady, the interior is pretty pack. A very sporty car indeed
And it can flip its side mirror too, ffuuuuuyooooor!
After that go makan makan at Mid Valley Pasta Zanmai, damn sedaps!
This time we knew what to order..... that is..
"not too much"
The pizza is good to go! Not too big not too small, good for 2 person! I like promoting pulak..
Owh owh! This is my all time favourite! I love potatoes, and this is so So Sooo yummy! Oh darn im hungry already!
blubbablubblur, queen. Ha Ha!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Product - Car Plate Holder

Been shopping a lot at e-bay recently and..
I've waited for this baby for sometime now and finally it is here!

Travelling with gaya mutu and keunggulans :P

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Medan - Coming Home to KL

It's time to pamper ourselves with some spa that makes you go "Ohhh, Ahhh, Ouchh!"

Went to the bathroom and sneaked around.. i believe this is the smaller room.

They have at least 75 masseuse and this is the number one spa in Medan worr..

Finally a different cuisine!

And apparently this restaurant don't open until dinner time, but for us special lah!

This is one bowl of rice for one person each, damn a lot can!

Love the naan! Very sedap!

And so after dinner we head down to the mall for some last minute shopping. Nothing much to shop as the things in there are the things you'll find in Pavillion.

So since we are back to civilization, I NEED MY STARBUCKS!

That's it for Indonesia! Overall it was a tiring experience but hey its 1021 image worth it

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Medan - Day 4

As we got off the boat there was a local talent contest going on opposite the bus, being a typical tourist we all went to sibuk

And the bus driver go- Hoi, bus dekat sini!

So we drove back to town for lunch! Same old Malay Indonesian Food, so me and Kulen ordered the must try Indo Mee Goreng!

And not only that, we haven't had real food for the past four days... so Robin the tour guide got us a private seating table for our private meal..

Yes we had babi panggang karuh, its like the siew yoke in KL

It was a relief i tell you

Then our 5 hour journey ride put to a stop at a local restaurant at Medan. Assuming it must be a very expensive restaurant because of its architecture and finishing.

The food was just ok, Had a lot of these since day one

Thanks to Anitha who added additional seafood to our meal.

Ok, coming back home tomorrow!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Medan - Island Hoping

Goodddddd morning once again, we are at Perapat right now and getting ready for our breakfast.

Oh yeah, it was noodle and porridge again. So i had them both

Horas is some sort of semangat word in Perapat, so when you greet them with a triple Horas! you'll enjoy better discounts when you shop. Tee hee

Anitha doing the hair advertisement, so let's not interrupt. Silkyyy smoootth!

Ahah that's Robin introducing and explaining what the Arch is all about.. he wasn't shouting by the way ha ha!

We were told that people from this island loves women with big butts and breasts. To enhanced further, most of their building and architecture has four breasts. Looks wasn't the main requirement at that time, up and down BIG can dy! Reason being is because they want to have as many kids as they can... One of them has a family size of 2 soccer teams

When were done with shopping, Robin showed us something rather different. Kids would dive down and collect coins that you throw in. Robin threw a 1K rupiah further away from the docks and this 2 kids were racing for it. OMG!

The next island we were invited to the stone chair and discussion table. This is where they have their criminal discussion. Like their mahkamah of discussion if somebody committed an offense.

Did a bit more shopping then we head back to Medan with another 5 hour bus ride.. OMG!