Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MO turns 6 months old

The little mo!nster is loving his very own habit.. sleeping upside down..

the pillow is needed for censored purposes, tee hee

When he wakes up, he starts chewing on his 10ringgit Ikea pillow.. (psst! the news paper is for mo! mo! to pee pee..) mind the hairstyle, he just got up..

and when he is almost done with his little pillow, he starts to stare at my Nikon bag...

Looks like mo! mo! is done with his terrorising, then he goes upside down again..

Oh WaiT! mo! mo! got new friend from China! teee heeee!

looks like mo! mo! is gonna occupy my laptop, aih long distance friendship is really troublesome.

A Rude direct sales man

Had lunch this afternoon with Steven at Lorong Seratus Tahun, Taipan. We both ordered curry noodle as we wanted to try whether it was good or not.

While we were slurping our noodle, came along 2 direct sales man :-

Salesman : Sir could we take a minute,

- before he could start -

Me : Excuse me, sorry (I apologised), "we are having our lunch and would it be possible if you could come back later?", gently i said.

Salesman : Stood up, walked off and whispered ever too loudly saying to his colleague

That explains why he is still a direct salesman, sigh

Oh by the way, the noodle was alright

Monday, June 29, 2009

Port Dickson back then..

Its that time around where we always plan a trip doesn't matter near or far..

and that was 6 years ago, OMG!

This trip was rather funny, it started out when I say I couldn't make it there as my daddy needs my car. But actually i was already at the carpark and needed help to get the BBQ stuffs...

Jon was a good buddy who couldn't agree so he grabbed his car keys and wanted to pick me up from home only to find i was next to his car.. tee heee

The days when we were much erm.. "healthier" ha ha!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers 2 & Steamboat

Before I continue with my never ending college stories, I watched Transformers 2 this afternoon with baby, steven & weiwei, edmund and shannon at Tropicana City Mall and the movie was faaaaaaannnntasstic! The build up of the story was action-packed all the way!

150 animators, with more than 10,000 parts (some 70,000) parts to animate.. you guys are insane!

Comparing with the first episode, it has its own ups and down and a built up of the storyline, but for this one... it is all the way up up up until the very end... (ending drops to zero )

At the very beginning of the movie when it was showing China, look at the left and you'll notice a "Malaysian Airline Logo" on the bottom left (mirror reflect, meaning viewing from the back) .. that was soOoo so cooool!

A long long time ago, Grace invited the group over to her place for steamboat. Aihhhh.. i think it was damn nice... ehhehe i think..

At that time it was more like fun as we could re-group and talk the whole night. I am never a steamboat fan.. no idea why.. but Luk luk ok Its a must right after alcohol haa ha.

That's most of us in the set except dewi who requires posing..


College days - Sharen's birthday

These are some of the oldest schoolest picturest I had..

Dewi and Sharen, celebrating Sharen's birthday at CoffeeBean Section 17 Peejay. Don't know whether the CoffeeBean is still there also or not, but Jaya Supermarket is definately not there anymore lorr..

Grace and Sharen, they definately don't look like how they are now anymore..

Sharen & WaiMee, our multimedia team and definately the strong ones who took these crazyly scripted courses..

and me.. *cough* Cough*

Another one of our photoshoots before we left college for the very last day.. awww

Friday, June 26, 2009

"Chope" BBQ first

Before I get too deep into the development of my study days, lets feed myself with a current event............................

BBQ parrrtteeeyyy !

That's all, bye

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Those days : The One Academy

This is Menten and Dewi, and these are the days back at college time..
Either one way or another, we were in a group as a team before

Sunny, our Macromedia Director champion. Without him, we wouldn't know what Lingo Scripting is.. ..
Grace hates it!

This is Grace and Sharen, i believe they never liked any of Sunny's classes... not because they dont like him.. (OMG! they think he was cute lah) its because of the lingo language.. hee hee..

Vanee is one of my favourites, she has great skills in teaching, influencing and still look pretty.. Thought we had something going there back at college, but apparently i was too young .. tee hee! Kidding la!

OMG! notice the old school MAC on the right.. pheww those were the days..