TM iTalk Whoa!

12:14:00 AM
Today is a good day to experiment new things and for this I bring you TM iTalk "with a" WHOA!

Basically what iTalk WHOA! does is let you stay connected to your friends without the hassles of logging in to several websites and if you have the need to send an email, check a friend’s status update or even make a long distance call? iTalk WHOA! Lets you do all that with just one click.”

The service consist of
- Webmails and Push E- Mail
- VOIP calls
- iTalk Reload & Check Balance
- Contact
- Calendar and Task
- Unified Instant Messaging
- Social Networking Streams - Twitter
- Web SMS

This is one of the snapshot I've got and guess what, you can make phone calls from your computer! How cool is that? Not as cool as what you going to find below...

SMS-esssssssss! Key in all your buddies phone number and send a surprise sms to them! I'm loving this program!

Log on to, Click on the "Get WHOA! Now" Button and once you have signed up, you get free RM5.00 credit to play around! Seriously, I just registered 10mins ago and I got it. So try it out before the first 8000 early birds gets the RM5 first!

Oh ya please use Internet Explorer to register!
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