Sid's Pub, Pantai Hillpark

9:18:00 PM
If you feel like having dinner with a foreign ambiance, find Sid!

Owh feeling lucky at this very moment

And lets have a close up of the candidate who attended the dinner together gether

Let's begin with the food firstly if you do not know what to order ask Frank! He will make your dinner a splendid one! Then again, do not forget the pork ribs! Seriously, DON'T FORGET!

Frank advice to have some green vegetable to go along with our meaty meal.

Forgot this one called what, ha ha! meat la!

A fruity kind of salad.. errmm yum yumm!

The gravy for the spring chicken is damn sedap!

I left out the beef pie darn! That was yummy too but we were already too full when it came.. Gotta go back for more! Anyway meet Frank, he is one friendly owner and he definitely will make you feel comfortable at the moment u step in!

Good stuff here, you guys gotta go try it out! Sid's Pub at pantai hillpark.

Oh yah, TO ARTHURRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheeeeeers!
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