Men's Health Refine & Define 09

9:40:00 PM
Gary was kind enough to invite me over to the contestant area...

One of the female make-up artist gave me a tissue and said

Girl : Hey you Wipe your sweat!!!
Me : Errr.. ok?

Then the rest of the groupie came and joined the fun..

Preparing Gary for his next modeling walk! ha ha!

Eh then I met stef too! I think the last time i saw her was during smashp0p's birthday dinner.. 2 years ago? waaaa!

aaa.. the new chick we met? Daphne had to do a peace sign over him.. cannot tahan!

Got leng lui take picture...

And thats one of the contestant mr. gary lim! *loud shouting at the background and when you look through you'll see sandra and renee going wild*

Most of the hunks!

Damn a lot of stuff in the goodie bag sia! Its time to go Tangs shopping!

Anybody going pavillion?
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