After Up! the movie

10:04:00 PM
Went to the "Good Friends Restaurant" once before with my aunt and family, everything tasted good at that time.

Anyway Up! was hilarious! Loved it!

So let's get to more food. First thing i noticed on the menu was roasted pork, didn't know it was 'Siew Yoke" but anyway it tasted damn good with the sweet sauce! Yumss!

Even bee had to take a snap shot, cannot tahan dy!

We ordered the claypot tofu after that, not too bad as well.. Tasty!

Aih vege.. tasted like vege lor!

OMG The siew long pao picture damn nice! But it didn't tasted good at all. No watery sauce inside and the skin hard like crazy.. BooooO hoo on this one!

Oh i just realised i've fulfilled the "Hangai, sek fan, tai hei" trio! For added advantage and value, we had a cup of hot latte too! OuuuuhhhhHHHhh!

Ok la more food next! OMG! we ate so much ha ha!

*Note : setting up a picture sideways makes a person slimmer.. ha ha!
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