Envie Club, Changkat Bukit Bintang

After some sneak preview at Daikanyama, I drove down to the end of the road and there it was... envie club! What was going on there, got Advertlets banner somemore?
Is it because Josh was performing?
Or Josh asking a group of people to line up and drink with him on the LED dance floor?
Errr Do you know there's an orange panties on his pocket? What thee...
Owhhh it was Josh's birthday celebration at envie with a whole bunch of bloggers!
Awesome familiar faces! Felt pretty comfortable with these guys around..

And Renee mengila gila around with amanda..

It was free flow of beer until 10pm, so everybody drank like nobody's business.. heee!

The party didn't stop! It kept going and going on and on..! With great emcees from 8tv (Qi & Julie) it was a fantastic birthday party eh? How I wish my birthday was that awesome!

I had to leave, so here is a shot with the birthday boy..

The party getting massively out of control?

Ahaha, i have no clue what happened next but thank you Josh@Advertlets and envie club for inviting. Cheers!
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