Medan - Taman Simalem Resort

10:00:00 PM
Woke up pretty early and the air was fresh and the sky can never be better than this

Had porridge and my cup of coffee

Went shopping at Pasar Buah (Fruit Market) and I overly negotiated the price then the kakak pinch my nipple Ermm but i got my discount lah! Aih feel so molested right now..

Most of the shop sells the same thing, so we were done in 45mins. Took another extra 15mins to see Ah Pao doing her horsey stuff.

We left and suddenly we had to stop, nobody knew why until our tour guide Robin said..

Dia tertinggal seluar dalam-nya.. Ha Ha ha

Priscilla demanded that we turn the bus and get it from the hotel.

Bus driver : Kalo nak pusing, ia ambil 30mins dan pusing balik tambah lagi 20min.
Everyone else in the bus : TERUS! TERUS! TERUS! JALAN!!!

The marble ball on top spins faster when there is a earth quake. So you know what to do when it you see the ball spins.. RUNNNNNN! but to where?

I damn like this restaurant can! The best restaurant in the entire trip!

Food wasn't that bad after all, yummy!

Jungle trekking next, let's go find the one tree
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