Medan - Istana Maimoon

5:53:00 PM
So after the bus and the birthday song, we head on back to the hotel and relax a little bit.

The room (3star)look pretty good, clean, neat and cozy.

Most importantly the toilet is clean!

And I found the old school coke bottle from the fridge, don't think we have this in KL anymore.. Maybe Seremban got!

Mr. Kulen is ready to shop til his pocket berlubang-lubang! While waiting in the bus we realise there is a few type of beca.. the ones with roofing and..

the convertible type. Depending on ones needs, some might prefer a non-covered for better viewing.

Finally approximately 15mins, we arrived our first visiting site, The Istana Maimoon. Apparently the Sultan still live in the Istana but somewhere at the back. I can't enter that area but i can see his panties hanging out to dry

I don't know how will the Sultan feels, but I will definitely feel weird if people coming to my house and walk around anywhere they want to. Since that is allowed, trespassing we shall!

When that was done, we went outside to take photographs. Suddenly these guys came and ambush us with little souvenir gifts. At no where to run, some started buying and some....

Started posing and pretending they were in a shoot or something.

Yikes! I was just taking picture, that's all!

Soon after all the hassle of saying no, tak nak, bu yao, DOWAN LAH!, we were ready for lunch!
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