Medan - the departure

10:44:00 PM
It has been way too long since my last holiday and I was bragging about it to Coolen and so he invited me for a holiday tour in Medan. I said cool, lets go

So i've packed my bags and ready to go

As a precaution we wore masks and became aliens in the airport. Let's not get too detail into it but i rather see it as we look like Optimus Prime (black & white version)

Flight Time : 1 Hour
Priscilla : Let's Sleep!
simonso : What?
Priscilla & Ah Pao : ZZzzZZzzzzzzzz

Something funny happened in between while they were dreaming away on how hot indonesian man was..
* Pris bought a new book from the airport, and as the plane bump a little bit her book fell. Kids from the back seat took the book, torn some of the pages inside including both the front and back cover.

Pris got up and reacted : Is that my book? WHAT THE!

I'm sure you know how would that go... lets move on..

Our tour guide was kind enough to bare with the delays, they quickly took us onboard and head straight to the restaurant for dinner

Lubuk Idai - pondok lesehan

The food wasn't anything special but we were hungry so what the heck

That's how we look like right after the plane, the bus and the immigration that went power "Poof" for 6 seconds

Re-do, re-do the hair a bit and "Wahhh La"

Oh and coincidentally it was Priscilla's birthday. First gift was a torn book in the airplane, hee hee We sang a birthday song in the bus and went back to our first hotel.

The night haven't end just like that, how can one night end without alcohol?
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