Blackberry Storm

1:42:00 AM

about 2 years now and my HTC gave up on me... its like my older techy stuffs is expiring. Here comes brand new stuffs

Got the phone through maxis today at RM2,499.00 and apparently they are giving extra accessories like the blackberry bluetooth holster, bluetooth headset, charging pod and extra battery all worth RM900.00

Had a chat with the maxis techy guy whose using an iPhone, he told me to believe that this blackberry is whole lot better than the iPhone. Well i've got no comments but so far it has been great!

It's fast, the video movie loads in less than 1 second, then screen itself is clickable! the sound is extremely loud and best of all the camera acts like a macro lens! Even my standard lens dslr couldn't snap objects from that close of range.. fuhh!

Must BUY!
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