Sunday, August 31, 2008

some beng beng joint @ sunway, cocobanana

sometime last month jon's cousin and friends came to visit from australia. but apparently i only get to meet them the day before leaving the country.. apa da!
thats nick and phil..

i can't really remember what was the arguement about... but we were happy right after

ermm that explains everything.. Psst! we have no idea who they were, dave just walked over and.. HEYY TAKE PICTURE!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


omg la

early this month i accidentally bought a pen.. pfft!!
the discounts and the free watch was tempting.. i gotta stop misplacing my pen its burning a hole in my pocket..

Friday, August 29, 2008

Where are we? UMAI-YA!

continue continue..
Salmon head soup.. omggg! omgg! i've go no words to express..

the sisters are adorable isn't it? ehem..

Jamie loved this so much, we were all bloated by now... but she never stops eating..

our neighbours next door gave us these.. they also bloated... Jamiee.. ehemm.. ahah!

Angie! its a candid shot woi!... u not candid at all!

anyway some of the guys took some great shots of the interior upstairs, my camera batt. died by then.. check their bloggy k!

bryan, yintse, Mr. KK Ong, smashp0p, jamieliew - who looked away, angelinaJ - who was busy chatting, jeannieliew, simonso & waiseng.

Everytime when KK calls me, I'll pick up and go.. "LOUUU SAIII" - Happy Hour?

anyway thank you very much KK for inviting us for this lovely powerpack dinner which i happen to know that it's worth RM135.00 / pax.. ehemm... lucky us! ha ha!...

Karena wish u were here.. waaahahaha

Anyway go grab the 10% discount with the code "Blup Blup Umai-Ya" in the month of September2008 Okie!! (for ala carte only)
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fusion Cuisine @ Umai-Ya

Omg the sashimi is so fresh not to mention delicious



I sat together with angie and the sisters and boy they were entertaining!


then i switched over with smashp0p and joined them, they were hilarious!


those were the taco pelt and the very delicious dragon roll and not to mention the skin roll is as good as everything else


and whats sushi without the usual salmon and kanpachi! OMG silky smooth can! ha ha


ahah.. damn sedap! slurps!


aha i would like to thank the girls for taking our photos! not to mention.....


jamie for holding the cloth so our flashes can flash? tee hee


omg i better give myself and everybody else a break before you make KK open his shop in the middle of the night.. ha ha...

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Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant ( Uptown)
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TEL: 03 77264410

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10% discount at Umai-Ya!

after having a long long lunch with ms. annis at kim gary, i drove over to umai-ya@uptown damansara and got there by 6.30pm.

yes im that punctual


so before the guys arrive, i took a bit of pictures.. KK (the owner) designed the place very well.. he himself as an interior and contractor designed umai-ya into perfection.... not to mention the food.. slurps slurps!


we were given two tables which was really comfortable and suiting.. we definitely gonna fit well in here..


smashp0p came by pretty early and not long after that angie pun sampai.. "angelinaJ" new name! ahaha


umai-ya with its soft touch of natural colors and fine finishing, it really sets up a desirable cozy ambience.


anyway umai-ya was having an event by vmag, omega & hsbc upstairs... before it started i managed to sneak around and take a few shots


and omg! the omega watches ain't cheap


then came along jamie... humm that phrase sounds familiar.. ha ha Just in case you want to know, angie is using a canon camera.. haaa ha! (whats thisssss)


oh boy, talking about the food... we gotta wait til tomorrow.. ahahah seriously..

it is gonna be as worth it as posting it up and waiting for the post to be up by tomorrow .. wth am i saying.. ahha its worth it lah!

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Blup Blup Umai-Ya
Only for the month of September 2008
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Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant ( Uptown)
No 49G,Jalan 21/37 ,Damansara Utama.

TEL: 03 77264410