Where are we? UMAI-YA!

continue continue..
Salmon head soup.. omggg! omgg! i've go no words to express..

the sisters are adorable isn't it? ehem..

Jamie loved this so much, we were all bloated by now... but she never stops eating..

our neighbours next door gave us these.. they also bloated... Jamiee.. ehemm.. ahah!

Angie! its a candid shot woi!... u not candid at all!

anyway some of the guys took some great shots of the interior upstairs, my camera batt. died by then.. check their bloggy k!

bryan, yintse, Mr. KK Ong, smashp0p, jamieliew - who looked away, angelinaJ - who was busy chatting, jeannieliew, simonso & waiseng.

Everytime when KK calls me, I'll pick up and go.. "LOUUU SAIII" - Happy Hour?

anyway thank you very much KK for inviting us for this lovely powerpack dinner which i happen to know that it's worth RM135.00 / pax.. ehemm... lucky us! ha ha!...

Karena wish u were here.. waaahahaha

Anyway go grab the 10% discount with the code "Blup Blup Umai-Ya" in the month of September2008 Okie!! (for ala carte only)
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