Josh Wink at Poppies

8:27:00 PM
We left avenueK and drove over to poppies... can you believe Alfred actually parked at poppies and walked over to avenueK with Cherie? Good ah!


As we entered, this two came and say.. aren't you from Sunshine?


Its not about Tuborg anymore when Josh Wink came out and started spinning. The crowd was unbelievable!


Sam with his picture taking of girls since Quattro.. I spied..


We were on the LED dance floor while taking pictures, that's a good thing what you have a huge ass camera. Nobody seem to care.. ho ho!


Then i met Barbara who supplied the dance floor, it looks like cool merchant is the only one who has the led dance floor.. hymphh!


One more time its Josh Wink ladies and gentlement~!

* polaroid
And for them, some are looking at the Polaroid cam while most wanna be in FLUXED! Magazine
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