Thursday, March 29, 2012

FLYFM's Paranoid Activities - Week 1

The first Paranoia's Challenge took place right outside FLYFM's studio with Zuhaili in the running of his RM2 bid.

Challenge #1 - FLYFM's Paranoia's Next Top Model

So he's challenge was to have reptiles crawl all over him and apparently he seems pretty okay with the reptiles. You see!

The initial bet was RM5,500 and He was double dared and walked away with another RM1,000

Challenge #2 - FLYFM's Brew Of The Day
Chef Shamsudin blended a mixture of chicken liver, oats, milk, wasabi, milo, and egg plant for the fellow participant Sunny.

Starting amount was at RM9,500. Guess how much he bided for this? RM95.80.. hey that's FLYFM's radio frequency. Cool isn't it?

Sunny downed the first glass like a chanpion. He was then double dared to drink the same second glass in 60 seconds for RM1,500. Guess what?

He did it! Walked away with RM 1,595.80 like a champion.

Challenge #3 - Sniper (The challenger has to run away from the sniper)

Challenger Yew Heng Shan bidded for RM450 and every shot that hits him, he will lose RM100.

He got shot 5 times in 15 seconds, haha! He was given another chance that if he is able to go through the entire shooting ground without getting shot at, gets RM1,000. .. he got it.

Challenge #4 - Blindfolded Wheels 

Muhammad Aizad took the challenge and he tried 5 times and failed. Haha come on it is not easy okay!
He was given the 6th try and if he makes through 50m on a bumpy ground, he takes home RM1,000. ... he got it! Hooray!

Challenge #6 - The Swamp
The challenger has to retrieve earth worms from the pool of mud)
Here we goooo 5 minutes for 15 worms. Did he make it?

Challenger Ruben Ravi Fernandez failed the first 5 minutes as the mud was too deep in. It really tested his fear for worms and as for the second try he managed to retrieve 13 worms. But hey the FLYFM crew gave him another 30 seconds to find the other 2 more worms.

He got it and walked home with RM250.

Stay tune for week number 2's paranoia challenge!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Meeting up but...

The gf decided to meet up with her gf and I decided to have a muffin. So I thought I would probably be a little lonely enjoying my muffin while the gf chat away and forgets about reality.

Well let's just say there isn't any different between me and my muffin and the gf with the gf.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Post - Auto Dimmer

Finally my part has arrived yesterday.

The E46 Auto Dimmer Rear Mirror. What does it do? It quietly turns dark when somebody flashes from behind.

Can't wait to install this baby. See how it actually works below;

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hainan people food

After picking up the super model (the one that got in the car with style).. we went out for lunch...

Ahhhhhh no other than the best hainanese chicken rice under the tree

She loves it, He loves it! Nomnomnomnommmmmmmm!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday smashp0p

Some people choose to party tonight and some stayed at home. We went out not as a group of bloggers but as friends celebrating smashp0p's birthday. Now that's priceless.

Happy birthday buddy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to get into a car

...with style

1. Dress stunningly

2. Give your driver a smooch! Afterall he is the one chauffeuring you around.

3. Do not slam the door, men appreciates that.

*sexy model credited to

Monday, March 19, 2012

The 2012 PETRONAS Motorsports Showcase

...I was at the Petronas Motorsports 2012 showcase yesterday at KLCC and let me walk you through with what you will see and can do there..

First watch my epic video of xiangcool and smashpop's face when they first saw what was about to happen... haa!

Fun wasn't it? Has it got your heart pumping yet? Ok so what's next is the "Speed of Sound" challenge. You may visit to play or play it at the back of the merchandise counter.

So here it goes -- that's me doing the "hrrrmmmmmmmmm, pause, hrrrmmmmmmmm, pause, hrmmmmmmmm.. changing gears maaa.."

The emcee also got excited started punching and pinching my face, I must have look pretty funny while doing the expressions. .. haaaaa! Kidding. She was just pointing the mic on me.

As a result, I did pretty well and won myself a..

Formula 1 car... Ok i'm just pulling your leg, I don't think Petronas Motorsport is giving the car away but they are giving great merchandises daily. My score was 19 seconds per lap. Come challenge me! I dare you!

So.. referring to merchandises, You can check out some of their latest 2012 collection at the KLCC concourse too!

View  the merchandise online before hand at first before you head down to the Petronas Twin Towers to get your desired merchandise.

Other attractions - on the Filharmonik entrance, you can see 2 formula 1 cars suspended above the ground. (guy jumping is not included)

Last but not least, me and was there to witness a great event by PETRONAS Motorsports. Thank you for the great experience and was great talking to Ms. Anita over dinner.

Event Details:
Venue : Suria KLCC, main concourse (picture above)
Date : 17th - 25th March 2012

For more info on motorsports@PETRONAS or Formula 1, check these links out:

Corporate site:
Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Post - Mo

The fat baby is still growing side ways. He's still growing side ways.. Oh well its a Sunday, everybody should deserve a break and eat do what ever they want right?

How is your SundaY?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Advertise your paid post and your blog!

Let's help your client by sending traffic to your paid posting. Huh?

I think it's time we pay our fellow advertisers by driving traffic to the post you wrote for them.
Why? For the same reason why the advertisers paid you to blog about them, just that you are helping them to get their messages delivered wider and of course at the same time getting traffic to your blog.

How? i have the answer or rather has the answer. delivers genuine readers to a direct URL given by yourself. So if your blogpost for a client is then submit that entire link.

Of course don't give us your ads serving on the side of your blog. That would just be cheating and getting your account suspended. We do it the right way ya?

Find a package that suits you, or that is within your budget. RM55 isn't a lot nor little but seeing it as an added value to give back to your advertisers, i think that's a stone for 2 isn't it?

Go see further at and i suggest to go with 3 months. Cheaper ma... and bare in mind this is not a signed monthly subscription program. It expires every month and if you don't reload, it won't run.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

There's nothing I want to do

sometimes it feels like the worlds on my shoulders, everyone is leaning on me..
sometimes if feels like the worlds almost over.. but then she comes back to meeeeeeeee.

But then i see my baby, suddenly im not all makes sense when i look into her eyes..

Stumbled across this music today on my pc. One of my favourites from Eminem back at those days. Its still good!

Its still early and i'm already tired, i know why!

Motivation from this rascal!

My princess

The new fresh look with my old signature face is back! And this time I wanna start it with featuring the princess who has been lighting up my path.

Bring out the camera, its time to shoot again!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Puma Latest Apparels

Its that time of the month again for a heavy PUMA shopping experience. I was in love with the Ferrari stuffs and this time it wasn't spared.

On top of that, it's time to go casual for my lovely Sundays. Blue it is.

Everything else fits nicely for my weekend use.

These are the latest you can find in stores now. Get one of your own at your nearest Puma outlet ya! Haaaaaa!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Who's house is that?

Guess who's house is that with a big naked statue outside?

Alvin showed us the mansion of a very wealthy sushi owner's house.

His backyard is the racetrack in Penang. Haa!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Post - Let's make Kony 2012 famous!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Puma Motorsports Red Cube

What's Puma red cube?

Today at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.. Puma launched its motorsport collection and the biggest pop-up store attraction located at the walkway next to Pavilion's main entrance.

The Red Cube will showcase the latest Puma Motorsport collections that are branded with the stylish new Ferrari Shield emblem, with merchandise ranging from apparels, footwear, bags, accessories and watches.

They will be there from 7th to 25th March 2012, so go on and check out the latest Puma Motorsport collections or keep visiting my blog or follow my instagram (simonso) for more latest Puma apparels.

PUMA also announces MERCEDES GP PETRONAS and BMW MOTORSPORT partnerships for footwear, apparel and accessories in a multi-year partnership agreement. This also means I can actually get my very own bmw shoes, woohooo!

So back to the images, those are shots of the interior and later there was a fashion show of the latest collection. I've got that that that and anybody who came today got themselves a new Ferrari belt. Haaaaaa!

A few local celebrities were present too! Aric Ho, Fahmi, Dennis Lau, Mahali Jasuli, Adrian Tan

And of course, not forgetting the Puma friendly girls to assist us throughout the event.
Head on down to the PUMA Red Cube at the Pavilion any time from now until 25 March 2012.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How a BMW in 2014 looks like

2 more years before the i3 and i8 hits the market. I think its worth the wait. Lets wait.. wait.. waiting..

still waiting... and i am still going to wait.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Penang Coconut Jelly

If you wanna rehydrate with something refreshing, do have some coconut jelly. As they open the coconut, there's jelly in there? Howwwww?

Interesting how this is made.

The coconut is burned at first and then they quickly put into the icy cold fridge. Wahlaa! The liquid inside becomes jelly.

See how much we enjoyed our coconut jelly!

It was really refreshing after the sun and the walk.
What's next?

Laksa of course!