Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bye Bye Damai Laut

A short one since i'm exhausted today.

Before we left that day, we did one last thing. PICTURES! Overall, Swiss Garden Damai Laut, Pangkor is indeed a great getaway vacation (minus the flies).

Love the quietness at night with the sound of the sea and a cold chill that ease up my spine accompanied by the one I call beautiful or cute depending on situations :P

This is a day I will remember.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunset with love, Damai Laut

The next day we did all sort of stuff from having a big breakfast with a bunch of friendly flies and wanting to poo but the lovely slowing down my journey towards the washroom. Haha of course that's not the exciting part, we did canoeing.

Canoeing was fun because I sat behind so Jessy wouldn't know if I don't paddle. I just go "1, 2 , 3 PADDLE!" Teeheeee!

After that we did archery. Boy that was fun! A little competition between us and sis+rizal team. We both were natural robin hood and xena warrior.

When that was done we rest a little bit and the rest was alllllllllllll loveeeeeeeee..... with

This one of the best, got potential :P

Oh sorry rancangan tergendala for a while. This is sexy Rizal

This was a short little romantic sunset journey with love and of course not forgetting my sis and rizal. I never had a boat ride like this before so this is definitely my first.

More to come next.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Post : The voice of transformers

Came across this and you can never imagine how the original Optimus Prime looks like.. or rather sounded and looked like.. hehe

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The night we all get drunk

After a great dinner, how can we not have a cup of nice cold beer before we call it a night?

And so Carlsberg heard us... haha. For a start, i had long island but settled down with beer instead.

We've got entertainers! Wasn't that good but at least there's life. Oh there was a cute little hamsap baby behind of our table and he gets excited when my sis and jessy smiles or winks at him.

That's how she looks like when she syiok! or "song"

More activities next!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things we did at night

DINNER! That's what you do when the sun goes down. It was our very first night and we decided to eat Chinese for a change. Rizal ordered soo sooo many dishes with Jessy while me and sis went back up to get the red wine.

The restaurant that makes you feel like you are in China.

This is us posing posing while waiting for our food to come. We were hungry but picture taking took us away for a bit. That's Rizal and Sis

And that's us and I guess we are never serious with photos. I like them all!

After dinner we all decided to take a walk and probably look for some nice by-the-beach kind of bar. Too bad there isn't one. So Jessy decided to model model.. Prettyyy pretty eh?

I love this picture, and it says it all.

It was good night after that and Helloooooooooooo again the next day!

Lunch with the lovelies at Damai Laut

Finally its time I rant about my awesome holiday with 3 great people i love and so happen that i fell in love with one of them. It was Rizal's birthday and sis planned for a holiday trip without telling Rizal. All he knew was to bring his swimming trunks!

It took about 3 1/2 hours drive from KL to Damai Laut, Pangkor. The small roads were a little scary but hey it was just pure fun.

Quickly checked in and lunchhhhhhhhh! We were so hungry, as we only ate 1901 hotdogs while driving there.

The other one that I loved had this, she finished it within a minute. That's how hungry she is.

The sister had this, mata surely bengkak after this.

We ordered two bowl of Oxtail Soup. It was delicious!

Didn't try this but it should taste as good as the others.

The birthday boy and sister.

Me and that fella i'm talking about, tee hee! More more moreeeeeee!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cuti Cuti Malaysia

Going going going going going away :)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Win Win Win Incubus Tickets 2011

Guess whose coming to town? And guess whose going? Meeeeeeee!
And you’ll probably go wheeeeennnnn? 23 July 2011 woi!

I guess you can feel how excited I am about this and I am taking this opportunity to share it with you on how you can win passes like how I got mine.

You can win your rockstar or normal tickets through FlyFM or HotFM. If you are privileged enough (ahem rockstar tickets), you will be chauffeured to the venue and enjoy the pre-cocktail party.. eh not forgetting you’ll get to meet the band.. woooow!

Now besides winning tickets, there is an online contest where you and your band can join and if you’ve got the most vote, you’ll get to play the opening act. Crazzzzinesssss! I should get my boys to come back Malaysia and start jamming again!

The “Open 4 Incubus” Contest is divided into 3 phases:
The Entries period – Entries are valid from 13th to 26th June 2011
Shortlisted 10 will be announce on the next day! (27th June 2011)
The Voting Top 10 period from 4th to 10th July 2011
The Voting Top 5 period from 11th to 16th July 2011.

The contest is open to all so go register yourself at and its only 1 registration per band ya!

Next upload your recordings to youtube and share the link to via facebook/tunetalk

- Then wait for tunetalks’ panel of judges to shortlist you. Once selected, you are give a week to produce a music video and of course with the help of Astro hitz!
- That video then will be uploaded on 3rd July 2011 for voting

Voting can be done via 2 methods:

Via Tune Talk Facebook Fan Page

Via SMS(Only open to Tune Talk subscribers)
To vote, SMS ‘Band name’ to 7777.
Each SMS will be charged RM 0.20

¬ Top 5 bands with the most votes will move on to the next stage
¬ These 5 band will require to perform at the Grand Finale ground on 16th July 2011 (Klang Valley)
¬ The final score of the top 5 band will be calculated after the voting periods ends and consisting of 60% of the overall score.
¬ Incubus will do the balance 40%.. wooooooot! And announce the winners on 22nd July 2011

Good luck guys, don’t forget to go Like that page, join the page, view the page, blog about the page… do everything possible to support your friends whose participating!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blackberry Playbook

The blackberry playbook is here, ok lah been here for a while but hey its never too late to say that it existed in my blog eh?

Thanks Simon for inviting and it was a great pleasure to experience it before anybody has.

Who is the famous guy with gadgets and latest happenings? Who else lar right..

Got the gadget on my palms, wahh! Felt like there was a glow for a moment. The blackberry playbook is pretty powerful i must say. Has great multi tasking power but while the PR guy was presenting it crashed a few times. I'm sure blackberry is working on it.

Ermmmmm thats it as for a conclusion the playbook is pretty unique and cool gadget. Works awesomely well with your blackberry (if you have one). Its sexy and so is she.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

MTV World Stage Pass 2011

MTV World stage is back and this time I came back with something rather exploding and of course with a whole lot more exclusivity.

Have you ever wondered what MTV WorldStage is?
Well it is a global series that brings multi-genre talents with global relevance to an audience in over 550 million households. Recorded "live" at the most exclusive gigs, world renowned music festivals and unique concert locations from around the world.
MTV WorldStage 2009 was my first ever worldstage event which was held at Sunway Lagoon, Surf Pool over crowded with more than 15,000 fans! Can you believe that?

Anyway,  MTV World Stage is now in its third year, with the 2011 outdoor event featuring Thirty Seconds to Mars and Pop Shuvit, slated to be held at i-City Shah Alam on July 24.

This is what I meant by exclusivity.
It’s Not Just A Card, It’s An MTV World Stage Pass!
I cant wait to get hold of some passes on my own!

How can we qualify?
•From June 1 – 30, sign up for a Debit MasterCard, charge RM30 (over a maximum of 3 transactions) and register via SMS.
•If you’re an existing Debit MasterCard cardholder, simply charge RM60 (over a maximum of 3 transactions) and register via SMS.
•Registration: SMS ‘MCMTV Your Name NRIC Number’ to 33387 by June 30, 2011. (Each SMS costs RM0.30)
•You can sign up for a Debit MasterCard at any one of these banks: Affin bank, Alliance Bank, Bank Rakyat, CIMB Bank, Eon Bank, Maybank, Public bank, RHB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, UOB.

Visit for more information ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jonker Street, Malacca

Was standing next to the canon only thing I forgotten was my matches. Else you'll see Po catching the metal ball and throwing back at me. Tee hee.. (Note to JessylovesU : u don't simply comment)


Walked around here and there finally we reached to the lane of food! Too bad it was a weekday and the night market wasn't there else my aunt will probably buy everything.

Walk a bit and saw this sandals hanging outside the shop. Seriously would you wear one of these?

I guess you would probably add a if you do right?

Anyway that's about what we did in Malacca. Got myself a new portable charger because I overly BBM-ed the gf which then sucked my battery dry. Hehe..


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Discover Malacca

After lunch we went jalan jalan like some tourist sesat. I guess the last time I came to Malacca was 7 years ago. Nothing much has changed since then.. dot dot..

If the weather was cold, it would have been a perfect walk. Oh me and sis, we were sweating like pigs. The weather was insanely hot, craziness.

While it was hot and all, I still managed to do some killer posing by the train. Haha.

While aunt and sis was busy taking photos here and there, i realize the propeller looks kinda cool so "ji jak here and there"

Then my aunt bought a drawing from a guy inside the fort. Pretty neat sketch.

Omg this is the Istana Melaka, if you are not a historical person like me... this place will kill you! My aunt likes those stuff in there though.

Took quite a few pictures but none of them excites me so no need to show lah ok? Fast forwardddddddd... and we went straight to the nearby mall.

OMG!! Aircond!! Starbucks!! Coffee! OMG!